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Launched in 2009 by handbag designer Sam Cross, Cloth Magpie handbags marks her return to handbag design and was originally conceived as a way of breathing new life into her treasured collection of vintage fabrics.

The Spring/Summer 11 collection heralds an exciting development for the brand with the introduction of Sam's own textile prints. The striking designs have been created specifically for the Cloth Magpie bag shapes and deftly combine nostalgia with a contemporary twist.

A key element of each of her latest collections has been the structured forms of the bags it is these clean lines and minimalistic detailing that allows the prints to take center stage and in turn the print designs give the retro inspired shapes a truly modern feel.

The Cloth Magpie brand now consists of two complimentary elements.

“Cloth Magpie Vintage” & "Cloth Magpie".

Both labels are proudly designed and made in England.